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Hey guys, we currently have a cod2 server running the extreme mod and I have gotten comfortable editing the files and such but now I just got a server for world at war and would like to have it normal until I get the hang of it. What I would like to ask is how do I change all the settings like how many caps a map, time limit, etc? I have gameservers and I went to control panel but only has basic settings, do I have to put a mod to change all the other settings? If so..does the extreme mod for world at war have the no fog/fx setting on it as well? Can someone help me please?

seta sv_punkbuster 1

// Server name
set sv_hostname ""

// Server password
set g_password "" // blank means NO password

// Rconpassword

set rcon_password
// Maximum Clients
//set sv_privateclients "6"
set sv_maxclients 20

// Max Ping
set sv_maxping "225"

// Rate
set sv_maxRate "25000"

// Map_rotation
set g_gametype "tdm"

set sv_mapRotation "gametype tdm map mp_airfield gametype tdm map mp_asylum gametype tdm map mp_castle gametype tdm map mp_shrine gametype tdm map mp_courtyard gametype tdm map mp_dome gametype tdm map mp_downfall gametype tdm map mp_hangar gametype tdm map mp_makin gametype tdm map mp_outskirts gametype tdm map mp_roundhouse gametype tdm map mp_seelow gametype tdm map mp_suburban"

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