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Database of COD4 sniper maps
« on: August 31, 2010, 07:09:36 am »
Hi girls and guys

Im currently working on a database of snipermaps.

You can visit my base gallery here : The devil's gallery of sniper maps

As you can see, this is the base for my works ; a pic of every map.
The idea came as i allways had a bad memory of which mapname it was where we had so much fun on ;)
I will rebuild this later into a database so the mappers and clans are mentioned too and more information is delivered and can be sorted.
But now as I have about 235 COD 4 sniper maps in this gallery it seems to be a bit more completely than all that download pages u can only find this or that ( the most complete i know has about 175 COD 4 Sniper maps ).

But I know there must be several others !!
And I would thank you a lot for contributing on this by sending me any ideas you have about any futher map.

Best regards

                    *DST* hurricane

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