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eXtreme+ 2.7 is Released
« on: July 15, 2011, 10:41:22 am »
I am pleased to announce the release of eXtreme+ COD2: version 2.7


- Event controller (_ex_eventcontroller.gsc) to control level and player based "waittill"
  events like onPlayerConnect(), onPlayerDisconnect(), onPlayerSpawned(), onPlayerKilled(),
  as well as level and player based timed events, like rotate-if-empty, mod info, ambient
  effects, player monitors, etc. Basically most repetitive events in eXtreme+.
- Combined several "self endon()" triggers into one "self endon("kill_thread")".
- Variable for setting points per kill (gametypes.cfg).
- Radius variable in chq and hq to decide who gets points for capt/def (gametypes.cfg).
- Bonus points for defusing landmines or trips (gametypes.cfg).
- Bonus points for killing the flag runner on CTF, CTFB and RBCTF (gametypes.cfg).
- Mapvote strict player size (mapcontrol.cfg - ex_endgame_vote_filter).
- Obits kill range can be disabled or set for snipers only (monitoring.cfg).
- Suppress inactivity warnings for other players (playercontrol.cfg).
- Bleeding probability (healthcontrol.cfg).
- Adjustable radius correction for gunship (wmdcontrol.cfg).
- Var ex_problemmap to quickly troubleshoot problematic maps (mapcontrol.cfg).
- Log monitor (monitoring.cfg; experimental).
  This includes line filter, bad language check and GeoLocation.
- New optional mod: GeoLocation IP conversion tables.
- FreezeTag game type (FT).
- Raygun to spice up FreezeTag (not available in other game types!).
- Class based (smoke)nade loadout now checks secondary weapon too.
- PIN identification for clan members (clancontrol.cfg).
- MeatBot waypoint developer mode (enhanced visual designer).
- Spawnpoint developer mode (phase 1).
- Jump height settings (ex_jumpheight) in mapcontrol.cfg.
- Added cl_maxpackets and com_maxfps to forced dvars; optional (playercontrol.cfg).
- Spawn control to spread code execution (prevents server overload, especially at
  beginning of round) (serversettings.cfg).
- New crispy font throughout the entire game (menus, HUD, messages).
  old font can be restored by applying new optional mod "font-restore".
- Quick message anti-spam delay (playercontrol.cfg).
- Arcade-style shaders, replacing some "in your face" messages (gametypes.cfg).
- Game type vote only (end-of-game vote mode 7; mapcontrol.cfg).
- Modern weapons for meatBots.
- Added 2 "run once" modes to forced dvars feature (playercontrol.cfg).
- Possibility to cap nades and landmine upgrades (weaponcontrol.cfg).
- Server connection hub on ingame menu (miscfeatures.cfg).
- Specialty store (quick menu V-9) where you can buy specials for points, like
  max health, max ammo, bullet proof vest, defense bubbles, sentry and gunship.
  requires new optional mod: "specials".
- New specials.cfg (called from server.cfg) for specialty store settings.
- Variable ex_iconalpha to control icon transparancy (miscfeatures.cfg).
- Variable ex_codhitblip_alert (miscfeatures.cfg) to enable or disable hitblip sound.
- Protection for player in gunship (ex_gunship_protect; wmdcontrol.cfg).
- Added option to gunship to set dropzone for parachute eject (wmdcontrol.cfg).
- 5 levels of sprint (one active), allowing faster sprint on large maps (playercontrol.cfg).
- Variables for mod and clan message (bottom-right corner) (miscfeatures.cfg).
- Entity management will also remove single-player entities from maps (mapcontrol.cfg).
- Variables ex_mbot_timelimit and ex_mbot_scorelimit to restart map (serversettings.cfg).
- Objective points hud clean-up added to _ex_hud.gsc.
- Option to restore score for disconnected players (playercontrol.cfg).
- Option for stance shoot monitor to weaken weapon (playercontrol.cfg).
- Option to change landmine into bouncing betty (weaponcontrol.cfg).
- Option to add extra respawn delay for weapon classes or negative points (serversettings.cfg).
- Black screen on death (playercontrol.cfg).
- Anti-run: option to allow running while ADS (playercontrol.cfg).
- Anti-run: black screen on running (playercontrol.cfg).
- Anti-run: forced crouch on spawn (playercontrol.cfg).
- Retreat monitor for CTF, CTFB and RBCTF (gametypes.cfg) (thank you ODAWA for inspiration).
- HITMAN: added vars for setting killpoints (gametypes.cfg).
- New optional mod: all mp3 files converted to wav so Mac users can hear all sounds.
- New optional mod: "headicons" for ranks in 100%, 70% and 50% size.
- New, smaller head icons for HITMAN.
- New optional mod: "headicons" for HITMAN in 100%, 70% and 50% size.
- Variable for setting percentage of reflected damage (serversettings.cfg).


- Disabled ex_indoor_large "1" in mapcontrol.cfg.
- Script _ex_bleeding (healthcontrol.cfg) now takes values 1-100 (probability).
- Increased lrhitloc max values to 500 to get one-shot, one-kill for LR rifles.
- Automatically turn off statsboard in mbot mode.
- Improved parachute spawning.
- After napalm airstrike, re-randomize to get either napalm or regular airstrike.
- Tracers and flak fx code revised.
- Changed var for range finder units (ex_rfunit) into ex_rangefinder_units.
- Kill, spawn and disconnect now notify via self notify("kill_thread"), which replaces all
  self endon("ex_dead"), self endon("ex_spawned") and self endon("disconnect").
- Weapon on back code changed to work in all weapon modes. If secondary weapon disabled, it
  will move old weapon on back after picking up a weapon.
- Assigning nades on rank promotion or demotion is now linked to rank system settings only
  (you can have fixed nades at spawn, but rank changes are always linked to rank settings).
- Tripwires in mode 3 (ex_tripwire "3") don't blow up owner in DM style games anymore.
- Variable ex_gunship_protect renamed to ex_gunship_eject_protect for gunship parachute protection.
- Moved the LR hitloc detection in game type script to _ex_main::exPlayerDamage().
- Moved code from _ex_clientcontrol::exPlayerConnect() to exPlayerJoined().
- Spawn point clean-up is now entity management; variable extended (mapcontrol.cfg).
- Forced dvar loop moved from player to level event controller.
- Variable ex_testclients is now capped at sv_maxclient - 1, instead of fixed 32.
- Internal check for mbots changed from self.isbot to self·pers["isbot"] to survive restart.
- Arcade points also showing negative point changes in red.
- Gunship rotation speed normalized, so it doesn't depend on map's radius.
- Spawn tickets max for esd, rbctf and rbcnq upped to 999.
- Anti-run: took height out of the equation.
- VIP: message "x protected his VIP" now above compass instead of center screen.
- DRM: allow single slash as line ending (ignoring quotation mark) if no leading space.


- Unability to chat while on parachute (spawn and gunship eject).
- Counter not being used properly in checkGUID (_ex_security.gsc).
- Wrong description for range finder units (ex_rfunit) in miscfeatures.cfg.
- Hopefully fixed range finder runtime errors.
- Some occurences of "barreta" changed into "beretta" in _ex_weapons.gsc.
- Ghost nades after defusing tripwire. Enemy nades are converted to own type.
- Unable to set trip when holding only one enemy frag and smoke nade(s).
- Ingame rcon fast restart after switching game type will mess up server
  Now code will force game type back to original value when doing a fast restart.
- Rank demotion not taking away nades (code will take away all nades if it has to).
- Ingame rcon weapon settings not working.
- DOM and ONS can cause lag on some maps (caused by "spawn away from flags" loop).
- Falling from gunship when boarding (pressing USE) in range of ammo crate.
- Loadout update did not include weapon in virtual slot.
- Error in map rotation server messages code when playing a map that is not in rotation.
- Runtime errors when player connected just before the statsboard came up.
- Change in to disable russian selection when forcing auto-assign.
- HTF.gsc having two calls to extreme\_ex_main::explayerkilled().
- HTF checking for self.flag causing errors whith fast drop + pick-up.
- HTF allowing to pick up invisible flag.
- HTF: set points for killing flag carrier and stealing flag now working.
- Dropping first aid kits when there was nothing to drop.
- Moved some incorrectly placed hud clean-up code in _ex_hud.gsc from player to level.
- Player lock-out when activating ready-up without ticketing and grace period.
- Landmines cannot be planted when planting or defusing bomb in SD or ESD. Player was
  Unlinked from bomb(site) when aborting landmine plant, allowing him to move the bomb.
- CTFB defend and assist points fixed (set scr_ctfb_flagprotectiondistance "0" to disable).


- Removed scr_objectiveicon from CTFB (now reads ex_objindicator only).
- Removed maps\mp\gametypes\_hud_libteamscore.gsc (obsolete).
- Removed extreme\_ex_scopedon.gsc. This been been moved into _ex_main.gsc.
- Clan logo TEXT (mylogo system) removed due to HUD element limit (miscfeatures.cfg).
  WARNING: mylogo variables have been renamed for clarity!
- HITMAN: removed materials hud@headiconagnt.tga, hud@headiconcmmd.tga, hud@headiconguad.tga
  and images headiconagnt.iwi, headiconcmmd.iwi and headiconguad.iwi (replaced by new icons).


- Do NOT copy over scripts or configuration files from older versions!
- Do NOT enable features in the configuration files that require an OPTIONAL MOD before you have integrated and uploaded the optional add-on!
  Instructions on how to enable the optional mods are included in the archive.
- If you put more than 64 maps on the server (use the map rotation stacker feature for that), the map name will not display right. It will display the long name, like mp_gob_rats instead of Gob Rats. There is an arena file limit in the game that we have no control over. The server will work though.
- The helicopter is not perfect. Where recent COD games have built-in chopper physics and map supported heli paths, we have to figure it all out in a script. Not perfect, but quite deadly anyway.
- If you have a custom Main Menu (ui_mp\ you want to reapply together with the new font, please make the following changes to it:
  1. Remove all #define statements at the top
  2. Change: boldFont "fonts/boldFont" 30 into boldFont "fonts/extraBigFont" 40

Hope you all enjoy it!


-- MAIN Setup
(updated July 16th to disable specials; fix 1-4 included)
eXtreme+ v2.7 MAIN SETUP: HERE

(not finished yet, but it's better than nothing)

(updated October 3rd to replace font-restore and gametype-description-fix)

(for more info about the fixes in the fixpack see the support thread HERE)
eXtreme+ v2.7 FIXPACK: HERE

(fix already included in the updated optional mods, file:

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Re: eXtreme+ 2.7 is Released
« Reply #1 on: July 15, 2011, 10:48:22 am »
Please do not add support questions here.

For support go to the COD2 Support Forum. There is a support thread dedicated to v2.7 HERE

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Re: eXtreme+ 2.7 is Released
« Reply #2 on: July 15, 2011, 11:40:43 am »

This weekend it will be available on  <<SINCLAN>> MODERN eXtreme+ 2.6 |  http:/ /  | Hosting

Thanks a lot again Pat, we want have a son with you!  :lol:

If this is not the place for this post, delete it please  :)

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Re: eXtreme+ 2.7 is Released
« Reply #3 on: July 15, 2011, 11:56:08 am »
yay!!!thanks patman for all you do

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Re: eXtreme+ 2.7 is Released
« Reply #4 on: July 15, 2011, 02:42:39 pm »
Thank you so much for your hard work PatmanSan!  (Thanks for giving me credit too)
I'm so excited to try ALL the features!

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Re: eXtreme+ 2.7 is Released
« Reply #5 on: July 16, 2011, 12:12:45 pm »
Download archive for main setup updated to disable ex_specials in specials.cfg. Needed to be OFF by default, as it requires an optional mod. Setup updated with fix 1, 2, 3 and 4 (also available as fixpack).

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Re: eXtreme+ 2.7 is Released
« Reply #6 on: September 30, 2011, 07:05:06 pm »
Hi all,

We've translated this mod, version 2.7, to spanish. We've tested it and now we want to share itwith everyone who want it.
If you want to use it, you have to change the original localizedstrings for the new one in the rar:

Bye Bye  :D

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Re: eXtreme+ 2.7 is Released
« Reply #7 on: October 01, 2011, 07:44:30 pm »
Hello friends, I have in my server the mod cod2 Extreme 2.3
Now I have seen that the output is 2.7
Please tell me what has changed from the 2.3??
can you tell me where can I download links to get the 2.7? There are many links what is the right model?

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Re: eXtreme+ 2.7 is Released
« Reply #8 on: October 02, 2011, 06:51:48 am »
Additions, changes and fixes from 2.6 to 2.7 are above. Additions, changes and fixes for older versions are in the v2.6 Quick Setup Guide PDF (The PDF for v2.7 is on its way). The links have been updated.

Must haves:
You download the MAIN SETUP (one link).
You download the FIXPACK (one link)

If you need one of the optional mods, you download the OPTIONAL MODIFICATIONS (one link).
If you need to restore the original fonts, you download the FONT RESTORE FIX (one link).